Frequently Asked Questions

The whole ethos about tosay is about giving, about taking the time to make someones day with a message,
However, we will from time to time send out little gifts and tosay goodies,
You might get goodies for the quality of the message you sent.
You might be the first person to send an organisation a message.
You might have expanded the tosay community by sending a message to a new organisation - spreading the word of tosay is vital to it’s success.
You might even open up new frontiers - countries - regions etc!
It might be that we decide to send everybody who sent a message on Friday a little something,
It is totally random and just a little bit of fun, it’s never about the number of messages you sent, so don’t give up the day job!
If you are a business and you’d like to support the community by supplying some goodies, please do get in touch.

Yes you can- We want to make tosay available to all!
Go to the bottom of the front page, type your tosay, add the person’s name, organisation, location and e mail if you can!
We will then do the rest to get your message to them, sent through the tosay moderation system.

You can link your organization page to your social media and web site .
We offer a range of simple to install APIs which will do this for you,

Yes, but it only takes a few minutes. Like most community sites we have tried to make it as easy as possible.
Tosay will be a unique community - we will never do league tables. This is never about being better than the next business or person, it is about making the world more positive and allowing people to be generous enough to take the time to send a message.
So, unlike other site,s it is not about ranking, getting the most amount of messages or the highest score etc.
Tosay is about the quality of the messages. So it is about telling people how they made you feel or how much you appreciate their efforts.
The pleasure really is in the giving.

No message ever gets sent direct to the person, they all go through a moderation process prior to being sent on to the person.
This is why your message might not go live straight away, but we try to get this done nice and quickly!
We are sure you understand why these controls need to be in place!

After quickly signing up you should be able to send a message almost as quickly as sending a text message.
Go to
We offer geo location - so if you are still in the business location you can select easily.

If not: search business name by location.
select department.
select the person.
type message.
That's it done. You have just made someone's day.

You can have as many managers in as many departments as you want to have control over the content

People love great service and like to see that staff are cared for and appreciated!!
It will make your organization stand out from the crowd and should attract lots of new customers - be loud
and proud of everything you and your team achieve!!!

If you are using the tosay moderation team we will pick up on any such messages and stop them getting through - we will then take appropriate action dependent on the nature of the message.

You will get notification it has been successfully sent and you might get a message from that person to say thank you!
Imagine if in a few weeks time you get a message back from the person saying "Thank you" and that, because of your
message, they became employee of the month or gained a promotion - now thats got to be a great feeling! And thats what this is all about, its never about likes, ticks, rate me now etc its about people - real people connecting nicely and positively!

Your details will always be kept private from everybody!!

Yes, you or the team member can reply to the sender. If the team member replies to the message it is only
sent when you agree with its content - this is so that its content meets any corporate standards you might

No all messages go through moderation, either the tosay moderation or your own. Only when you are
happy are the messages sent to the person and posted on yours and their tosay page. This way we make
sure we have good security controls in place.

If the person leaves your organisation all their messages go with them,

All your team's profiles are set up and owned by them. You invite them through the system to join your page,
via email or text. When they agree to join your page their profile will appear on your organization's page

We try to ensure that we get messages live as soon as possible, but the system has many security controls so we do not guarantee an instant posting

There are no restrictions to departments

As many as you want. So long as they are positive and encourage the world be more positive that's fine by us. In fact more than fine by us!

Yes they will get notified via e mail or text - when moderation has been completed they will get the tosay.

This is so when people look at your organization they know that the messages are a true reflection of your organization.

No its free and always will be!
We even offer the entire service free to any not for profit organizations, government bodies ( NHS, police etc. )as well as all charities and many small business, we want this to become

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